Saturday, November 19, 2016

Deployments cum Tour Route for Open House 2016


Tour Routes

Start point:Main gate
Main Gate- Classroom block(park square)- FCE- D&T workshop- Library(computer lab)- gym(ISH,UG CCA rooms)- field- canteen(auditorium,hall)

Start point:Side gate
Side gate- Library(computer lab)- D&T workshop- FCE- Classroom block(park square)-canteen(auditorium,hall)- field-gym(ISH,UG CCA rooms)

Start point:Hall
Hall-Classroom block(Park square)- FCE Rooms(Science labs)- D&T Workshop- Library(computer labs and side gate)- Gym(ISH,UG &CCA rooms)- Field- Canteen(CCA bazaar)

Hall-Canteen(CCA bazaar)- Field- Gym(ISH,UG &CCA rooms)- Library(computer labs and side gate)- D&T Workshop- FCE Rooms(Science labs)- Classroom block(Park square)

(...)-councillor to point out to the area ONLY
*Note: For parents: This (place) is not in our tour route but do feel free to visit (place) after the tour.

Suggested Script for Open House 2017

Introduction : Hi, good morning sir/mdm. I am _____ from Secondary ___. Would you like a short tour around the school? Side Gate: N...