Monday, December 31, 2012

NCSC Duty list 2013 T1W1 C

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Canteen Duty List
Term 1 Week 1 [2nd Jan] Group 2

Lower Secondary

Patrolling ICs: Alvan, Grace

Staircase Duty:
Near Council Room: Yong Li, Sherlyn Jr.
Near Canteen Girls’ Toilet: Hai Ting, Xiang Yin

Canteen Entrances:
Near the Bookshop: Meng Wee, Yu Jia
Near the Field: Li Lin, Jewell
Near the Quadrangle: Celine, Manita

Upper Secondary

Patrolling ICs: Wang Piao, Zhi Cheng, David Jr.

Staircase Duty:
Near Council Room: Soo Zhen, Genevieve, Ramond
Near Canteen Girls’ Toilet: Mei Chun, Ryan, Gabriel

Canteen Entrances:
Near Bookshop: Glenn, Shu Yan, Yi Jie
Near the Field: Seri, Jasling, Si Xuan, Wisely
Near the Quadrangle: Qi Hui, Choon Lei, Hui Yi, Cin Dee

Note to councillors:
Its the start of the new year. Be punctual for your duties.
Used a different set of grouping for lower sec recess due to lack of manpower.
~Yang Hou :)

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