Sunday, July 17, 2011

           Hey Councillors!:) For Lower Secondary, you guys can only eat during the last 10 minutes of your recess and there are no early releases from class. For Upper Secondary, you only need to do duty during your shift, Shift 1 is the first 20 minutes of recess and Shift 2 is the next 20 minutes. Please make sure that the next person doing duty have arrived before you stop your shift. Lastly, please Do Not Be Late for duty, esp shift 2 people. Thanks! :DD

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Canteen Duty List
Term 3 Week 4 [18th July 2011~22th July 2011] Group 2

Lower Secondary

Patrolling ICs:

Staircase Duty:
Spiral Staircase Lvl 1:  Yong Xuan, Afiqah
Near Council Room: Jia Suan, Hui Wen
Near Canteen Girls’ Toilet: Shu Yan, Choon Lei

Canteen Entrances:
Near the Bookshop: Hui Qi, Sofea
Near the Field: Kimi, Joel, Si Qi
Near the Quadrangle: Jolene Tan, Alicia, Jing Yuan

Canteen between the stalls:
Councilors:  Mei Chun, Jia Ning

Upper Secondary

Shift 1:

Patrolling ICs:
Lvl 3: Lyon
Lvl 4: Cheryl

Staircase Duty:
Spiral Staircase Lvl 1: Joey, Jolene Foo
Near Council Room: Zhi Wei
Near Canteen Girls’ Toilet: Soo peng

Canteen Entrances:
Near Bookshop: Shaw En
Near the Field: Jeslin
Near the Quadrangle: Michelle, Say Hao

Canteen between the stalls
Councilors: Le’schane

Shift 2:

Patrolling ICs:
Lvl 3: Basyirah
Lvl 4: Jenna

Staircase Duty:
Spiral Staircase Lvl 1: Feng Xia, Khalisah
Near Council Room: Rui Yuan
Near Canteen Girls’ Toilet: Shi Ting

Canteen Entrances:
Near Bookshop: Beatrice Lee
Near the Field: Carey, Andrea
Near the Quadrangle: Chi Ling

Canteen between the stalls
Councilors: Yi Jia

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