Sunday, February 27, 2011

Duty list: Group 3

Pledge: Gerald and ShawEn

National: SiYi ChiLing
SHHK: Theresa SayHao
School: ShiTing MeiChun

Attendance File:
Exco-in-charge: Jean & Basyirah
Sec1: BeatriceWee SiQi
Sec2: EileenTay HuiYi
Sec3: Abigail Sebastian
Sec4: Andrea SooZhen

Exco-in-charge: Jazin & Leschane & BeatriceLee
lvl1: Fusheng Carey
lvl2: HuiLing
lvl3: Lyon
lvl4: Glen Ruth

Exco-in-charge: Erica & FengXia
Councillors: YiJia ShiHui Saggie

Exco-in-charge: Jerilene & Jenna
Councillors:  Claire Shannen

Pathway behind homeecons room: WeiYing WanLing

Stiarcase beside D&T room:
Exco-in-charge: TianNing Hazik Cheryl Jeslin
councillors: TunYan ChoonLei Afiqah David

Patrolling around the school:
TianNing Hazik Alicia Cheryl Jeslin Joey

NCSC Duty List T1W7

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