Saturday, November 13, 2010

NCHS designated as SAP school

Nov 13 2010
NCHS designated as SAP school
Look at our dearest councillors!!!!!!
From left to right: Jenna, Carey, Hazik, Gerald
Thanks guys fr being there..... :)))))

Special Assistance Plan
* NCHS will continue to admit Normal course students and students offering non-Chinese Mother Tongue Languages for the 2011 Secondary One intake.
* From January 2012, NCHS will admit only Express course students offering CL or Higher Chinese Language as a Mother Tongue Language.
* The Normal course will be phased out over five years.
* NCHS will also ensure that all its existing students in the Normal courses as well as those offering MTLs other than CL or HCL are well-catered for and able to successfully complete their education.

There's more information @, can read it urself if ur interested, it's long so blahblahpapaya..yeah. :D
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