Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey guys! Here is some info about the Vietnam Trip! (:

Reporting Time: 7.20am at Changi Airport Terminal 2, flight SQ172.

Attire throughtout the whole trip

Day 1 (at the airport):
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-No shorts allowed
-Council tee
-Shoes and socks

Day 2:
-PE shirt
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-Bring old T-shirt to change
-Bring shorts or Bermudas to change (Optional)

Day 3:
-Old T-shirt
-Shorts (not too short!)
-Bring extra shirt or towel (Optional)

Day 4:
-PE shirt
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-No shorts

Day 5:
-Own shirt
-Encourage to wear long pants or 3/4 pants or Bermudas
-Bring Jacket

Day 6:
-Own Clothes

Day 7:
-Council tee
-Long pants or 3/4 pants

*** Remember no revealing clothes and shorts not to be too short! Same rules! (:
*** Take note to not wear shirts with weird wordings with meanings.

Things to do
-Label Passport Cover with your Name (best at the top right hand corner)
-Prepare 4 cards/postcards for your roommates!
-Make confetti by cutting squares (max. 3cm by 3cm) from coloured papers.
-Attach the pink card to your luggage!

Do ask if you have any questions! Thanks!


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