Friday, October 22, 2010

Here’s Group 1’s duty for the last week of school!




National: Jack, Angela

SHHK: Siyi, andrea

School: Jieting, luwen

Attendance File

EXCO-in-charge: Jerilene, Tunyang

Sec 1: Fengxia, Sherlyn

Sec 2: Nickson, Seri

Sec 3: Victoria, RuiYuan

Sec 4: Emily, Hafizh


EXCO-in-charge: Jazin, Clarence

Level 1: Valerie QiHui

Level 2: Qingyu

Level 3: Louis

Level 4: sunny

Side Gate

EXCO-in-charge: Alicia

Councillors: YiSi, Madeleine Sara

Main Gate

EXCO-in-charge: Jean Basyirah

councillors: EileenChai, Cheryl, SiLing

Pathway behind Home Ec. Room

Councillors: Zhiwei, Claris

Logbook Duty

EXCO-in-charge: Tianning, Hazik, Jingyi, Xenia

Sec 1: Thaddeus

Sec 2: Yangjie

Sec 3: Marcus

Sec 4: ShawEn

Credits to SayHao:D

Suggested Script for Open House 2017

Introduction : Hi, good morning sir/mdm. I am _____ from Secondary ___. Would you like a short tour around the school? Side Gate: N...