Thursday, October 14, 2010

Group 3's duty :D~

Pledge: Alicia

National : Siyi Qingyu
SHHK : Saggie Victoria
School : Shi Ting Shi Hui
Hall : Tun Yang David

Attendance file : exco-in-charge: Jazin Fengxia
Sec 1 : BeatriceWee Theresa
Sec 2 : Shannen Glenn
Sec 3 : LyonNg Choon Lei
Sec 4 : Wan Ling Afiqah

Patrolling : exco-in-charge: Jerilene Darren
Level 1: Huiyi
Level 2: Claire
Level 3: Siqi
Level 4: Chi Ling Sebastian

Sidegate : exco-in-charge: Jean Yijia
Councillors : Huiling Abigail Weiying

Maingate: Exco-in-charge: Erica
Councillors : Ruth EileenTay

Pathway behind home econs room : Fusheng Sayhao

Logbook Duty : Exco-in-charge:Tianning Hazik
Sec 1s: Meichun
Sec 2s: Alicivia
Sec 3s: Andrea
Sec 4s:

Credits to Carey :D

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