Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rotation for Sec 2 Understudy
t3w8 to t3w10
16 Aug to 03 Sep

Jean: Michelle
Tianning: Zhi Wei
Hazik: Chi Ling
Siyi: Leschane
Jazin: Jolene
Jerilene: Rui Yuan
Travis: Khalisah
Gerald: Shaw En

Take note:
1. Understudy period for this first batch only starts on 16 August.
2. The EXCO's name that is beside yours is who you are paired under. (Eg. Michelle is paired under Jean)
3. All Sec 2s will be understudied, this is only the first batch.
4. Remember that you'll be down for understudy duties for 3 consecutive weeks.
5. Do follow your EXCOs for their respective duties.


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