Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey guys next week duty will be group 3's duty ;D

pledge: Alicia

national: SiYi LeSchane
shhk: Jazin JoleneFoo
school:BeatriceWee David
hall: TunYang SayHao

attendance file:
exco: Travis Khalisah
sec 1- HuiLing HuiYi
sec 2-Theresa Alicivia
sec 3- Carey WanLing
sec 4- Andrea ChoonLei


Exco: Jean Michelle
level 1- YiJia Ruth
level 2- SiQi
level 3- ShiTing
level 4- ShiHui Abigail

Side gate:
exco- Jerilene RuiYuan
councillors: Glenn EileenTay ClaireNg

main gate:

councillors-WeiYing Jeslin Shannen FuSheng

Pathway: Sebastian Saggie

exco in charge- tianning Hazik
sec 1- SooZhen
sec 2-MeiChun
sec 3- Afiqah
sec 4-LyonNg

Thats all! cheers ~ :)

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