Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey councillors!
this week will be group 1 doing the duty!

pledge: Alicia

national-Siyi Cheryl
shhk- jazin Seri
school-Xenia Hafizh
Hall- JieTing Jack

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jerilene
sec 1- Clarence Qihui
sec 2- Sara ZhiWei
sec 3- Claris Thaddaeus
sec 4- Nickson madeleine

exco in charge- Jean
level 1- JingYi Angela
level 2- EileenChai
level 3- ShawEn
level 4- QingYu Louis

side gate:
in charge- Erica
councillors: Emily Victoria SiLing

main gate:
in charge- Travis
councillors: Valerie Ruiyuan Sheryln

pathway behind home econs room: Sunny YiSi

exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- Marcus
sec 2s- YangJie
sec 3s- Luwen
sec 4s- FengXia

Thats all for this week:D
remeber to be punctual tomorrow alright!
cheers :D

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