Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry sorry for the last post. this week will be group 2's duty :D

pledge:Erica Siew


national-SiYi ShuYan

shhk- Jazin Darren

school- Kimi Lyon

Attendance file:

Exco in charge- Jean

sec 1- JiaNing Peixuan

sec 2- HuiQi Khalisah

sec 3- RuiQi BeatriceLee

sec 4- Joel Joey


exco in charge- travis

level 1- JiaXuan Benedict
level 2-soopeng JoleneTan

level 3-Basyirah YanHui

level 4-Jenna

side gate:

exco in charge- Travis

councillors: Michelle, HuiWen, Jasmine

main gate:

exco in charge- Jerilene

councillors: ericaHo, Le'schane, HuiQi

pathway behind home econs room: YikMing Sofea

tuesday assembly:

command and pledge: Erica

arranging of chairs: Benedict, Jenna, huiqi, sofea

exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s-Georgia
sec 2s- JoleneFoo
sec 3s-JingYuan
sec 4s-Nicholas

thats all guys :D sorry for e late post!

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