Sunday, April 11, 2010

This week will be group 2's turn(sec 1s included):D

Pledge: Riduan and alicia

national-felicia jazin
shhk- siyi Siti
school- Joey Yan hui

Attendance file
Exco in charge- shuyi jerilene
sec 1- weibin shu yan
sec 2- Yik ming jia suan
sec 3- soo peng jolene tan
sec 4- jenna chong liang

exco in charge- Vanessa travis
level 1- michelle jasmine jianing
level 2-jolene foo ruiqi jing yuan
level 3-le schane ericaho gerogia
level 4- kalisah, serlin, soh hui qin kimi

side gate:
exco in charge-alphonsus alicia
councillors: Basyirah, lyon koh, xin ning, chua huiqi,Benedict

main gate:
exco in charge- liyun jean
councillors: Darren, pei xuan, She hwa, Sofea, huiwen

pathway behind home econs room: Jasleen kaur, Joel ang, Beatrice lee

tuesday assembly:
command and pledge: Alicia
arranging of chairs: Darren, jenna, soo peng, joel ang.

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