Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heyo Councillors! This will be the duty list for next week. it will be group 1s turn!

Pledge: Alphonsus and erica

national-felicia siyi
shhk- jazin Shawen
school- yang le jing yi

Attendance file
Exco in charge- Vanessa Travis
sec 1- sunny zhi wei
sec 2- Sara jodi
sec 3- jie ting qing yu
sec 4- ivy jack

exco in charge- Liyun jean
level 1-victoria eileen chai
level 2-cheryl ang nickson
level 3-affrah clarence
level 4-claris madeleine

side gate:
exco in charge-Shuyi jerlilene
councillors: leona valerie xenia

main gate:
exco in charge- Riduan and alicia
councillors: Feng xia rui yuan joy

pathway behind home econs room: louis emily

tuesday assembly:
command and pledge: Erica
arranging of chairs: rui yuan clarence zhi wei

Thats all:D

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